TLS DidacNet Monitor-Switching system 

The solution for computer based instruction and education

With DidacNet the teacher can control the lessons from his workplace, view every monitor and take control over any student monitor. With the dialog system on the DidacNet and the ease of use, the teacher can work with concentration on his lesson. DidacNet is an optimized device for presentations on meetings or trainings which can't be done without computer.

The trainee will be involved more effective with computer based training.

TLS DidacNet Panel Educational  classroom concept (Monitor switching)
for the computer based training and education

  • easy to use
  • Video network on a native hardware basis
  • absolutely indepentend of Software and operating system
  • clearly defined classroom overview
  • high video bandwidth (incl. long distances)
  • easy to install
  • extendable to complete multi media system
  • 36 month guarantee

DidacNet has been developed with trainers, teachers and departments especially for the use in schools and training centers.

From the monitor-switching to a multi media system

The Video network

The basic module allows, dialog controlled, a various number of use with only one key. The teacher (Master) has the ability to connect the monitors in any way. He could provide his monitor screen one or all students.

TLS DidacNet The Keyboard-/Mouse network
The teacher (Master) controls the keyboards of one or all students for a correction or to help. Also the teacer is able to control the mouse to demonstrate a function. The teacher (Master) has the ability to control all keyboards to ensure a simultaneus start of a lesson (ideal for tests).

Auto-Monitoring allows the teacher (Master) to view all connected monitors on his screen. He gets an overview of the whole classroom without walking throug the room. The control display shows in an easy way the monitored unit. There are four different and free definable monitoring times embedded.
The Dark-Function is a possibility to darken one or all Monitors. Keyboards and mice are blocked. This ensures the attention by the students. The macro function. A repeated number of Standard keystrokes can be saved on one of two function keys. This simplifies and speeds up the lesson. All functions are permanently saved even during power down the system. The Group function allows the teacher (Master) to combine any student within a group to control these students with one or two keystrokes.
Something special....?
Optional components to make computertraining more efficient:
Help module
the student can contact the teacher with an optical and audio signal.
Electronnic finger
this is an optical arrow (white/violet/green) which can be shows in any program.
Projection module
for the integration of a Projector into the DidacNet system.
Audio line
with a headset/microphone combination, the teacher can take contact to the students without disturbing others.
Internet function
allows all connected workstations to use one Internet connection.
Master 2-module
to integrate a second master computer without disabling the first master computer.  
DidacNet PLUS
"The multimedia learning device of the future"
TLS DidacNet


additional to the functions of video-, keyboard- and mouse network, an audio line is included, to connect CD-player, videorecorder or satellite programs on the system. This provides you a complete multimedia system with all components from the computer- and entertainment sectors. The connected devices are available for any station in the DidacNet PLUS network and controlled by the master console. This device is controlled with a clearly arranged display. Standard functions like 'All Call', 'Monitor', 'Intercom', 'Simple Pairing' etc. are obvious.

More info's are available here.