TLS MultiView Monitor-Switching system

To ensure the overall view all the time......

MultiView is a Monitor Switching unit, that ease your way of teaching in the computer classroom. MultiView allows to connect up to 20 student monitors with the teacher desktop. So teacher have the view of all connected monitors for effective lessons on the computer!

What features has MultiView:
Advantage of using a MultiView system: TLS MultiView: the video network
TLS MultiView

The basic module allows, dialog controlled, a various number of use with only one key.

The teacher (Master) has the ability to connect the monitors in any way.

He could provide his monitor screen one or all students.    

Technical data:
  • Units: 1 teacher/ up to 20 students/ 1 Projector
  • Resolution: 300 MHz video bandwith
  • Cabeling: Ring line
  • Operation: One key operation
  • Dimensions Master unit (WxDxH): 220mmx160mmx44mm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Native Hardware solution without opening the computer
TLS MultiView
More info's are available here.