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Never before in history external network connections for companies have been so important as now. More and more, company-data have to be available 'on the road'. The problem is to provide the security-standards while opening the local network to the Internet.

NetGuard, a leading provider of Enterprise-class security and privacy solutions, has risen to the challenge by developing a family of security products designed to protect the information systems, infrastructures ad data communications of small- and medium sized businesses from internal and external intrusion.

NetGuard understands the diverse security requirements of the inter-networked organization ...

The need for a firewall as the basic component of your company's security strategy
The need for VPN services to provide private communications between remote employees, branch offices, business partners and suppliers
The need to control bandwith to ensure the flow of critical applications
The need for a solution that integrates high-level security with superior performance - a solution that is easy to install, operate and manage!

... and NetGuard has responded by providing the only security solution that safeguards the entire extended enterprise from corporate headquarters and branch offices to remote business partners and employees.


Assingnment for Firewall strategies
Assingnment for Firewall strategies
Logs for alarm situations
Logs for alarms
Network-Objects to be controlled
Network-Objects to be controlled

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